Saving Lettuce Seeds

Various Loose-Leaf Lettuce Varieties Bolting

Lettuce has been around for centuries. According to Wikipedia, the Egyptians first cultivated lettuce as edible leaves as early as 2680BC. It then made its way to Greece and Italy where it flourished.

Today, we see four main varieties of the species, Lactuca sativa, in our backyard or school garden. These include:
Crisphead or Iceberg
Butterhead, Boston or Bibb (which is also a heading lettuce)
Romaine or Cos
and Looseleaf or Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce Flowering

Since they are all varieties of the same specie they will cross-pollinate one another.

For a detailed account of how to save lettuce seeds see this informative post from the International Seed Saving Institute

Lettuce Seeds Waiting to be Harvested


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