School Garden News – Belize

Belize Sows Seeds for Food Security
Written by Megan Tady

“Vegetables in general are skipped out of the Belizean diet,” said Mark Miller, executive director of the development organization Plenty Belize. “Most of the cultures here used to have a much healthier way of eating than they do today. As time progresses, people are eating less and less healthy.”

In 2002, the organization started a school garden program in Belize’s southernmost Toledo District. The gardens are designed to educate young people about how to grow their own organic supplemental vegetables at home.

“We’re hoping that the concept of organic school gardens is institutionalized so that it becomes a norm that we teach our children, and that talking about our food, food supply and health comes as a regular part of what is done,” said Miller. “Whether [kids] grow their own food, or they appreciate where their food comes from, it gives them the ability to make better choices.”

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