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School composting is growing ‘dramatically’

Composting is taking off at schools throughout the metro area: It’s good for the environment, gives students an easy way to be green and can help reduce a school’s garbage costs because organic waste comes with lower tipping fees and taxes.

“The interest is growing just dramatically,” said John Jaimez, an organics and recycling specialist who has helped launched similar programs at eight Hennepin County school districts in the last five years.

As much as 80 percent of a school’s trash comes from its cafeteria and kitchen, and about three quarters of that is organic, he said.

Participating schools collect food, napkins and other nonrecyclable paper in biodegradable bags that are picked up by different trucks than those that haul regular garbage. The organic waste is inspected to make sure it’s at least 90 percent pure, then taken to a waste processing facility near Rosemount that sells the resulting compost for landscaping to buyers that include school districts such as District 196.
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