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Third grade students at Stillwater school combine literature and gardening

A group of third grade students at Skyline Elementary School in Stillwater is developing their love of literature and horticulture thanks to two Oklahoma State University Botanical Garden ambassadors.

The program, Literature in the Garden, is part of the Jr. Master Gardener Program and aims to engage children through powerful garden- and ecology-themed children’s books. The curriculum uses those books to inspire learning through a variety of activities.

The children have participated in a number of classroom activities, and also have taken a field trip to the OSU Botanical Garden where they sketched plants, participated in a paper making activity and toured the Oklahoma Gardening Studio Gardens. The students also made seed balls and scattered them in a garden on the school grounds to see how well they would grow.

One of the group’s favorite activities so far has been eating “dirt.” No, they did not eat real dirt, but a combination of edible foods that represented the various layers found in soil. Graham crackers represented sand, chocolate cookie crumbs were fertile soil, peanut butter represented the clay layer in soil and rocks and seeds were represented by peanut M&Ms.

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