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Gardeners learn science, math, community at Judson Middle School

By Adam J. Holland

A lot can be learned from planting a garden. Judson Middle School students are learning math, science and the art of multitasking by growing onions, potatoes and green beans.

The garden is an annual project of Bill Russell’s sixth- and seventh-grade science classes. Students on Thursday created their rows and started planting crops atop a hill at the campus entrance.
“The lesson is across the curriculum,” said Russell. “With the potatoes you have a 40 meter row — we do everything metric — and you’re planting a potato eye every 30 centimeters. A lot of it is soil science or just the structure and function of different plant parts.”

The academics part of the Judson Middle School garden is secondary though, Russell said.
“The best thing is kids learn to take care of something — a living unit,” said Russell. “They get to see how they affect the growth of the plants and see how everything works together.”

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