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A Child’s Garden of Standards: Linking School Gardens to California Education Standards

The California Department of Education has a free publication for downloading regarding school gardens and curriculum. A Child’s Garden of Standards: Linking School Gardens to California Education Standards links garden-based education activities selected from several published educational materials to specific academic content standards for grades two through six in science, history/social sciences, mathematics, and English […]

How to Sell Produce at a Certified Farmer’s Market

For any school or urban gardener wishing to sell produce at a Los Angeles County Certified Farmer’s Market a Producer’s Certificate from the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner Weights & Measures Department is mandatory. First step is to call their South Gate office at 562-622-0402 and arrange for an inspection. An inspector would them come […]

Flowers for a School Garden

There is no rule that says school gardens should only be about edible plants. Adding flowers to row ends or borders, containers and window-boxes is a great way to add color and beauty to any outdoor classroom. Since we are planting in the fall and want flowers fairly quickly we are limited to what varieties […]

School Garden Grants Resource List

Are you interested in building a school garden and could use a little financial help? Or maybe you already have a school garden and wish to expand. The following is a list of grants available specifically for school gardens or sites that list school garden grants on a continuing basis. See previous post about Tips […]

What are you growing in your school garden this year?

In mild winter climates likes ours in Southern California now is the perfect time to be planting our winter garden, and how advantageous that it should also coincide with the start of the school year. What to grow in a school garden is a question we hear alot. The short answer right now is cool […]

Grow LA Victory Garden Classes Fall 2011

Are you interested in growing a vegetable garden in your own backyard? Grow LA Victory Garden classes are now being offered for Fall 2011. Please see details below for registration Grow LA Victory Garden Classes Fall 2011 The Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative helps new gardeners start their own gardens quickly and easily in a […]