Virtual Gardening and Nature Camp – Ages 6-12

Jr MG Garden class

Please join us. We will be exploring Nature, Gardening and Science through arts and crafts, a bit of education, and lots of fun indoor/outdoor activities. We will include instructional materials and activities that can be shared with the entire family. There will be a materials list for each class that will be sent out after registration. […]

Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 5 – Plant Nutrition and How to Amend A Bed


To improve the structure of the soil as well as to add back nutrients we amend our beds every season by adding compost or manure. During the season we use organic fertilizers to feed our plants the essential nutrients they need in order to thrive. See our latest episode for a primer on soil structure […]

Gardening with George – Episode 4 – Essential Tools to Grow and Maintain your Garden

garden tools

What are the essential tools of gardening that you need to get started? Probably a lot less than you think. Please see our latest episode and let’s get growing! Greystone Gardening with George | Episode 4 from Beverly Hills Television

Grdening with George – Episode 3 – What to Grow and When to Grow it

winter squash

Here in Southern California, we have two main growing seasons, the fall/winter and the spring/summer. It is important to grow cool-weather crops in the fall and warm-weather crops in the spring. Growing your plants out of season can cause your plants to be stressed, which then becomes an invitation for pests and disease. Please click […]

Gardening with George – Episode 2 – What to Grow In

raised bed

Please see the new episode of Greystone Gardening with George – Episode 2 – What to Grow In. In Episode 1 we discussed location and the importance of southern exposure. In Episode 2 we lay out the different options of what to grow our plants in- containers, raised beds, or directly in the ground. If […]

Grow a Backyard Vegetable Garden – Lesson 1 – Location

Beverly Hills Television has premiered my first video in an ongoing series. Follow along as we go through all the necessary steps on how to grow fruits and vegetables in your own backyard, or on a balcony or patio. Here in Southern California, we are blessed with sunshine nearly every day and we have mild […]