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Harvesting Parsley

Begin harvesting parsley when its 6-8 inches tall. The more often you harvest, the more leaves it will produce. Bunch it together about 2 inches above the soil. Cut it cleanly with a good garden scissors, not to close to the base. You want leaves remaining to perform photosynthesis. In about two weeks the stems […]

Summer Bounty Recipes

May not be many students around over the summer, but that hasn’t stopped our school gardens from performing. Corn is high, tomatoes are plump, cucumbers are fat, peppers are turning color, pole beans are still producing, and zucchinis are abundant. cherokee purple tomato Two recipes to utilize all this goodness are included below. 1) Black […]

Green Bean Harvest

Green beans (aka string beans or snap beans) are one of our earliest spring harvests.  Seed to table is usually about 60 days. We are currently harvesting both bush beans and pole beans.  The difference between the two being: bush beans mature all at once while pole beans mature over a longer period of time. […]