LA County Master Gardener Training 2010

Los Angeles County Master Gardener Training Program is now accepting applications for 2010.

The dates are 13 Saturdays, March 6 – May 29, 2010

January 15:  Last Day to Request Application Packet

January 31:  Last Day to Submit Completed Application, LiveScan Fingerprinting, and Payment

• Any resident of Los Angeles County with an email address and computer access.  Most communication will be by email and websites.
• Anyone who wants to help teach low-income and limited-resource people how to grow more nutritious vegetables and fruits.
• We especially invite residents of inner-city neighborhoods and bilingual gardeners.

• You MUST be on either or both of our resource elists – 1) Community Gardening and Food Security, or 2) School Gardening.
• If you’re not, then email and indicate which elist you want to be on (you can be on both).
• If you’re already on either or both elists, email to receive the application survey, LiveScan form and list of LiveScan locations for required fingerprinting and criminal background check by Department of Justice.  This must be done now for us specifically, regardless if you’ve done it for another agency.  Note differences in prices and hours available, as some require appointments. Because we are a nonprofit organization, there is no additional fee.
• By January 31, 2009, submit completed application packet.  1) Email completed application survey, 2) Sign, date, and mail last page of the application survey, 3) Mail copy of LiveScan form completed and signed by Live Scan operator (Keep a copy for yourself), 4) Mail check for $150 made payable to “UC REGENTS.”  [Note:  Low-income residents pay only what they can afford—see application survey for details.]

• Accept 50 participants from some 200 applications.  Main criteria for acceptance:  1) prior community service (not necessarily in gardening),
2) passion for helping low-income gardeners, 3) experience giving presentations and working with people of diverse backgrounds, and 4) initiative in starting and carrying through with projects.
• Notify you by February 12 whether or not you’ve been accepted into the program.  Please don’t contact us before then.
• Teach you how to garden successfully.  Topics and garden activities will cover basic plant science, propagation, fertilization, irrigation, soil, compost, vegetable and herb and fruit gardening, flowering plants and trees, Integrated Pest Management (diseases, weeds, insects, small animals), tools, how to start community and school gardens, and outreach techniques.
• Provide you with Volunteer and Continuing Education opportunities all over Los Angeles County.

• As soon as you’re accepted:  1) Establish a Yahoo group ID (if you don’t already have a Yahoo email address, we’ll give you instructions).  You can use either your existing email address or your new Yahoo email address to receive all your MG email via our private, member-only Yahoogroup.
• Prior to the first class:  Become familiar with our Common Ground public website and our private MG Yahoogroup website.
• Attend 13 classes on Saturdays, March 6 through May 29, 2010, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, at our office, 4800 E. Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles.  Meetings start promptly at 9:00 am.  Some meetings will be at other garden sites; we encourage carpooling with classmates.
• Give gardening workshops at community gardens, school gardens, senior gardens, housing development & other low-income gardens.
• Answer gardening questions at gardens, on the phone at our office, or by email from your computer.
• Help with program activities and workshops at the UCCE office in East Los Angeles.
• Post all your volunteer and continuing education hours on our online Statewide MG Volunteer Management System (we provide instructions).
• Starting in June, attend monthly MG Continuing Education meetings on the second Saturday of every month at different garden locations.

• California Master Gardener Handbook, University of California publication.
• Certificate of Completion of Class Instruction—after completing the 13-week training program and passing the take-home, open-book examination.
• Monthly Continuing Education meetings with speakers and activities on in-depth gardening topics.
• Frequent emails of Volunteer and Continuing Education opportunities and other program information.
• Annual recertification as an active MG after you post online at least 50 Volunteer hours and 15 Continuing Education hours by May 31, 2011.  [Future years’ requirements are 25 Volunteer and 15 Continuing Education hours.]
• Joy and satisfaction that you’re helping other gardeners grow more nutritious vegetables and fruits, you’re making new friends, and we’re all working together to beautify our neighborhoods and “Green LA”!

For More Information:
Phone: 323-260-3348

Common Ground Garden Program

University of California Cooperative Extension Los Angeles

4 Responses to LA County Master Gardener Training 2010

  1. Debra Cohen says:

    Looks like I am a day late and a dollar short for the Master Gardener program! If there is a waiting list or a last-minute cancellation, I’d be thrilled to jump in on short notice. Please contact me either at my email address or feel free to ring me.


    Debra Cohen

  2. andrea elam says:

    i just received your information and i am a childcare provider with a vacant lot and i am ready to create a gardening ground for both the low income community as well as an enrichment component for my family childcare.

  3. Mel Crudge says:

    Please mail me a Master Gardener Packet for 2011. Thank you. Mel

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