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Butterflies and Caterpillars in the Garden

If you want to attract something like this, a swallowtail butterfly, your going to have to put up with caterpillars, which are swallowtails in the larva stage. Caterpillars can do enormous damage to a vegetable garden. They are voracious eaters. In this photo the host plant is a 3 foot fennel bush. This particular specie […]

School Gardens in the News

1) Riverside, CA Banning children learn how does a garden grow Third- and fourth-grade students at Hemmerling Elementary School in Banning are tending to a vegetable garden on campus, where they’re growing zucchini, tomatoes, radishes, cilantro and string beans. “It’s just fun that you get to grow your own plants,” said Nick Barnes, 10. 2) […]

School Garden News, Los Cerritos, California

School Garden #1 Did you know the Los Cerritos School Garden is an official Monarch Butterfly Waystation? The migration of hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies starts in Canada each fall and they travel all the way down to California and Mexico to spend the winter. Monarch waystations are places that provide the necessary resources […]

School Garden News – Orlando, Florida

Volunteers Transform Garden for Butterflies Scouts and others pitch in to make the Endeavor Elementary nature site a hands-on teaching aid. By Kenda Robertson, OrlandoSentinel.com When the students at Endeavor Elementary School in south Orange County learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, they no longer have to sit in a classroom and see […]