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Saving Arugula Seeds – A Visual Guide

arugula flowers bolting

March 16th, Arugula has bolted and is flowering. First come the flowers, then come the fruits. Arugula flowers are edible and lend a little spice to a salad. April 20th, Pollination within the flowers has been successful and young green pods appear. The flower petals wither and fall. Unfortunately, some of the pods were being eaten, […]

Seed Saving and Selection

Happy New Year Gardeners! When saving seed we first start with open pollinated varieties that when fertilized will produce offspring true-to-type meaning same as the parent. Hybrids do not produce offspring true-to-type which we why we don’t save seeds from hybrid plants. When choosing which plants to save for seed select only the most vigorous plants; […]

Seed Saving in a School Garden

It is late winter and many of the crops from our September planting are either finished (cauliflower, broccoli, peas, beets, and carrots) or bolting (cilantro, lettuce, arugula). Now is the time to pick out which plants we want to save for seed. Choose plants that are healthy, vigorous and with characteristics worth saving. The red […]