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Gardening with George – Episode 4 – Essential Tools to Grow and Maintain your Garden

garden tools

What are the essential tools of gardening that you need to get started? Probably a lot less than you think. Please see our latest episode and let’s get growing! Greystone Gardening with George | Episode 4 from Beverly Hills Television

10 School Garden Activities for September

Week 1 – Welcome back everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your summer. For those without a school garden who would like to know how to get started please read: How to Start and Maintain a School Garden. For those returning to an existing garden there is much to do. Preparing the beds for seed sowing […]

Week 1 – Planning, Clearing, Tool Safety, Compost

For those new to school gardens now is the time to find a proper location. You’ll want a spot that is level, with at least six hours of sun exposure, and good drainage. If the desired location is facing south, all the better. Make sure there is a usable water source nearby. If no ground […]