Panel Discussion on California Proposition 37

This past weekend I attended the Seed Library of Los Angeles’ (SLOLA) presentation of “The Truth about GMOs.” Special guest speakers included:

Jeffrey Smith, Director, Institute for Responsible Technology, and the leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices; author of the world’s bestselling and #1 rated book on the health dangers of GMOs, Seeds of Deception.

Tom Newmark, Board Member, Greenpeace, Inc. USA. He is a founder of Sacred Seeds, a sanctuary in Costa Rica dedicated to conserving medicinal plants across the globe.

Please see this incredibly informative presentation in the video below.

In November, California voters will decide the fate of  Proposition 37, a Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative.

A panel discussion has been organized by eight Hamilton High School science students and the South Robertson Neighborhood Council Green Team Committee to evaluate the issues and then make a recommendation to the Neighborhood Council which in turn will send its recommendation to the Los Angeles City Council.

The students have put together an impressive roster of advocates on both sides of the issue to explain their positions in depth.  If you think that this is not a nuanced issue, you might be surprised after hearing this interesting panel of speakers.  The panel consists of:  a biologist, a representative from Women for Agriculture, a lobbyist, environmental activists and a filmmaker.  The event is open to the community and there will be a Q & A following.  Any questions concerning this event can be directed to: Paula Waxman at or 310-559-2552.

WHEN: Thursday, September 6th
TIME: 7:00 to 9:00 pm
WHERE:  Hamilton High School Cafeteria, 2955 South Robertson Blvd., LA 90034

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” ~  Thomas Jefferson

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