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Choosing Desirable Traits When Saving Seeds

TatSoi bolting

Those who save seeds are automatically considered plant breeders. A seed saver will choose desirable traits to pass along to future generations. These would include taste, size, yield, disease resistance, etc. This act of selection is what makes one a breeder. What is Plant Breeding From National Association of Plant Breeders General Definition Plant breeding […]

Saving Lettuce Seeds

lettuce bed

Lettuce has been around for centuries. According to Wikipedia, the Egyptians first cultivated lettuce as edible leaves as early as 2680BC. It then made its way to Greece and Italy where it flourished. Today, we see four main varieties of the species, Lactuca sativa, in our backyard or school garden. These include: ~ Crisphead or Iceberg, […]

Introducing Beanstalk Seeds

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids outside? Do you want to engage them with nature? Teach them how to love fresh vegetables? Beanstalk Seeds is a new seed company specializing in seeds for children’s gardening! With exciting seeds, including those in our Plant a Rainbow kit, and resources such as […]

School Garden Report from Upstate New York

This spring, with a donation of plants from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County, and a variety of seeds donated by Page Seed Company of Greene, NY, students planted tomatoes, green peppers, basil, parsley, onions, sweet potatoes, nasturtium, string beans, strawberries, herbs, and perennial flowers. “I can’t wait to eat the strawberries,” exclaims Asma Butt, […]

Spring Planting 2014

In celebration of spring let’s discuss what we’re growing this year. Our list includes: Chayote Genovese Italian Basil Edamame Soy Beans Blue Lake Bush Bean Black-Seeded Yard Long Pole Bean Honey Select Corn Rocky Top Mix Lettuce Imperial Black Beauty Eggplant Cayenne Pepper Jalapeno Pepper Nardello Sweet Pepper Aunt Ruby’S German Green Tomato Kelloggs Breakfast […]

Panel Discussion on California Proposition 37

This past weekend I attended the Seed Library of Los Angeles’ (SLOLA) presentation of “The Truth about GMOs.” Special guest speakers included: Jeffrey Smith, Director, Institute for Responsible Technology, and the leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices; author of the world’s bestselling and #1 rated book on the health dangers of GMOs, Seeds of […]