Sow Easy – Indoor School Garden Activity

By Lisa Gustavson,

Are you looking for an easy garden project to occupy your time while early sown seeds germinate and snows melt away? Seed tapes are the answer. They’re super-simple to make, use everyday items in your home and make sowing small seeds like lettuces and flowers a snap! Seed tapes are simply paper strips with seeds adhered to them. They make planting and spacing small seeds outdoors faster and easier.

What you’ll need: A paper towel or napkin, flour (organic), a small paintbrush and seeds. You may want to recycle a cardboard tube to roll the seed tapes around as well.

First: Mix the flour with enough water to make a medium-thick paste. Don’t worry about exact amounts, just so long as the paste is thick enough for the seeds to stick to.

Next: Use the paintbrush to dab the flour paste at equally spaced increments along the paper towel. Use the packet as a guide for spacing and a ruler if you’d like it to be precise. You can fit several rows along each sheet of paper towel.

Last: Press two or three seeds gently onto each dab of paste making sure they adhere. Let the strip dry completely and cut between each row of seeds. Roll up each strip and store in a plastic bag in a cool dry place until planting time.

This is a great project for children! Clean-up is a snap and if there is flour paste left over it can be thinned with more water and used to decoupage seed packets and flower pictures from catalogs to clay or plastic pots. (Be sure to coat with an eco-friendly sealant so they’ll be waterproof.) It’s sow easy!

4 Responses to Sow Easy – Indoor School Garden Activity

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  2. Chandramouli says:

    Oh they sound and seem so simple and fun to make! Thank you for the nice, informative post!

  3. Jane D Delaware says:

    about how long would you let the seeds germinate?? 10 days or so?
    Sounds like a great project for younger grades….and I love reusing anything left for decoupaging…reduce, reuse, recycle!!!

  4. admin says:

    Once the paper is planted germination will depend on what seeds are used…Broccoli will take 3-4 days, lettuce about 5-7 days, while carrots can take 2-3 weeks.

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