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Seed Sale from Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests, Inc., supplier of quality seeds to independent garden centers and health food grocery stores, is extremely interested in helping schools with their school gardens. For schools needing NEW seed for their gardens, email shaynal@botanicalinterests.com for a 40% discount code off any seed purchased from botanicalinterests.com. Include the name of your school and your […]

Starting from Seed

The vegetables we grow are mostly annuals. They start from seed, flower, and end as seeds all within a defined year. That’s their life cycle. Save some seeds this year.  The easiest are cilantro and lettuce. We also do arugula, fennel, marigolds, beans and sunflowers. See Starting from Seed for more instructional material.

School Starts Next Week, Be Prepared

School starts next week. For those with school gardens already in place now is the time to be ordering your seeds. For those who are starting from scratch see, How to Start and Maintain a School Garden. If you’re not sure what is seasonal for your area check out your local cooperative extension. In mild […]

Coriander Harvest

Its called cilantro when we harvest its leaves, and coriander when we use its seeds. Being an annual, it’s one of those plants we get to witness a complete life cycle. It was originally planted in the fall, bolted in winter, flowered, went to seed and now ready for the seeds to be harvested. Collect […]

Spring Planting

In order to get our spring vegetables harvested before the end of the school term we are currently sowing the following from seed directly into the ground: bush beans, pole beans, zucchini, and lettuce. We are also transplanting seedlings of corn and cherry tomatoes, which we started in our greenhouse. Cherries mature quicker than the […]

Winter Flowers

Its late February here in our California school gardens. Some of the veggies we planted in September are now going to seed (broccoli, bok choy, cilantro) while others are still producing (fava beans, peas).  Either way by observing the flowering of our plants we are reminded that all our annual plants go through a similar […]

Winter Harvest

After a three week winter break school gardens with watering angels (or on automatic timers) saw a spurt of growth that caused many to utter “WOW” upon their return. Pea vines were 7 ft tall and full of ripe pea pods. Bok choy that wasn’t picked before the break had bolted and flowered with stalks […]