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Grow a Backyard Vegetable Garden – Lesson 1 – Location

Beverly Hills Television has premiered my first video in an ongoing series. Follow along as we go through all the necessary steps on how to grow fruits and vegetables in your own backyard, or on a balcony or patio. Here in Southern California, we are blessed with sunshine nearly every day and we have mild […]

Ten School Garden Activities for September

Welcome back teachers and students. September in a school garden is one of our busiest times. We need to get started quickly to insure a harvest before the long winter break. For those without a school garden the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has written an extensive online manual, Setting up and […]

Growing Minds: Installing An Educational Garden

I love a good success story, especially one that includes overcoming obstacles and coming out on top.  These are the stories that are a joy to publish. Theresa Loe had been trying for three years to install a school garden at Center Street Elementary School in El Segundo, CA. In light of recent cutbacks she […]