Introducing Beanstalk Seeds

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids outside? Do you want to engage them with nature? Teach them how to love fresh vegetables?

Beanstalk Seeds is a new seed company specializing in seeds for children’s gardening!

With exciting seeds, including those in our Plant a Rainbow kit, and resources such as our Garden Guidesheets, Beanstalk Seeds makes it easy and fun for you to engage your kids in the growing process.

What Are Beanstalk Seeds?
Previously only available at our office in KC, Kansas City Community Gardens’ specialty seeds are now available to families, youth groups and schools throughout the country at

These special seed varieties have been tested in our Beanstalk Children’s Garden by more than 4,000 visitors each year and planted by students in over 200 Schoolyard Gardens in Kansas City. Each variety has a unique characteristic that makes it fun for kids to grow.

Why Beanstalk Seeds?
There are THREE MAIN REASONS why you should to get your seeds at

1. Grow With Your Family
With so many distractions competing for kids’ attention, parents are seeking new and fun ways to connect with them.

At Beanstalk Seeds, we’re introducing a new generation to the fun of growing your own fruits, vegetables and curiosities. Our easy-to-grow, kid-tested seeds and kits make gardening a great way to “grow” with your family!

-Easily start and grow each of our seed varieties.
-Eat many veggies straight off the vine.
-Deepen children’s knowledge and interest in science and nature.
-Teach healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.
-Support community and school gardens for low-income families and students.

2. Dirty hands mean a healthy life…. for everyone.
Beanstalk Seeds is a product of Kansas City Community Gardens. KCCG is a nonprofit organization assisting low-income households and community groups in the Kansas City metropolitan area with producing their own nutritious vegetables and fruit from garden plots located in backyards, vacant lots, and at community sites.

All proceeds from Beanstalk Seeds go directly toward helping families, urban schools, and community groups that we serve. So while your Beanstalk Seeds are growing good health and fun for your own family, they’re doing the same for low-income families through your support!

3. Your one-stop shop
At, you can find everything you need all in one place.

“Instead of going to 20 websites to find fun and unique seeds that might draw your children into the garden, you can go to Beanstalk Seeds and find them all in one place. Mix and match your favorite things to eat with some curiosity plants and flowers. All the seeds in our collection have been grown in kids’ gardens with great success.”
– Andrea Mathew | Beanstalk Seeds Program Director

A garden of possibilities
Each of our Beanstalk Seeds varieties has unique characteristics that make it fun and simple for families to grow. They’re also a great activity for schools, youth groups and other clubs or associations. On our website you’ll find resources for individual family and group-grown gardens as well as helpful descriptions, growing instructions, photos and more. Choose from a number of available seeds, including some of our favorites:

‘Dragon Tongue’ Beans – A yellow snap bean with purple stripes. Delicious raw, just pick and eat.
‘Sugar Ann’ Peas – A short-vining snap pea that produces early and also can be planted in the fall.
‘Purple Hyacinth’ Bean – A beautiful flowering vine, and although the beanpods are not recommended for eating, the flowers are edible and taste similar to green beans.

And many more, such as: Sweet Basil, ‘Rainbow Blend’ Carrots, ‘Kakai’ Pumpkins, ‘County Fair’ Cucumbers, ‘Canasta’ Lettuce, ‘Easter Egg’ Radishes and ‘Autumn Beauty’ Sunflowers.

Garden kits
Our garden kits come with a variety of seed packets, purposefully selected to create a beautiful and diverse gardening experience. Choose from our “Plant a Rainbow” kit for a vividly colored garden or our “Snackable Garden” kit that features edibles you can pick, rinse and eat with no additional preparation.

Just click to get growing
Give your family a great experience that will feed their curiosity and their appetites. See our entire seed catalog and order yours today. Expect 7-10 days for delivery. Then get ready to grow!

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