Growing Minds: Installing An Educational Garden

I love a good success story, especially one that includes overcoming obstacles and coming out on top.  These are the stories that are a joy to publish. Theresa Loe had been trying for three years to install a school garden at Center Street Elementary School in El Segundo, CA. In light of recent cutbacks she […]


Good news ‘choke fans, artichoke season is upon us. These edible buds are grown as perennials in our mild winter garden zone which means for those of us with year-round school gardens the time to enjoy them is now. Artichokes should be picked while the buds are still tight. The edible parts consist primarily of […]

School Garden News – California

Helping young minds grow By Lucia Constantine, student at Stanford University Ask a child today where his food comes from and he will be more likely to say a supermarket than the earth. This ignorance is representative of the increasing disconnect between ourselves and the foods we eat. When it comes to eating, we […]

Spring Planting

In order to get our spring vegetables harvested before the end of the school term we are currently sowing the following from seed directly into the ground: bush beans, pole beans, zucchini, and lettuce. We are also transplanting seedlings of corn and cherry tomatoes, which we started in our greenhouse. Cherries mature quicker than the […]

School Garden News – Australia

School’s Patch is Popular BY MEGAN GORREY, A NEW vegetable patch on the grounds of Como Public School is sprouting with possibilities as students learn how to grow and harvest their own food. The school garden was planted to teach children important lessons about healthy eating, the environment and sustainability. Fresh produce from the […]

Winter Flowers

Its late February here in our California school gardens. Some of the veggies we planted in September are now going to seed (broccoli, bok choy, cilantro) while others are still producing (fava beans, peas).  Either way by observing the flowering of our plants we are reminded that all our annual plants go through a similar […]

School Garden News – California

An ecologically correct subject for students By Elisabeth Laurence, On duty: Shariff Hasan tends the garden at Ida B. Wells Continuation High School. Bret Putnam/Special to The Examiner . SAN FRANCISCO – It’s not just English, math and science at San Francisco schools. Students are getting a vegetable education, learning how to grow, harvest […]