I love the sour taste of Sorrel. Its great raw in mixed green salads or as the main ingredient in the French classic, Sorrel Soup or the Eastern European classic, Schav. Sorrel is a perennial in the Polygonaceae family along with such relatives as buckwheat and rhubarb. The reason I mention it now is that […]

School Garden News – Canada

Local Schools Get Planting By EXPOSITOR STAFF, Students at five local schools will develop green thumbs this spring as part of a garden project. St. George-German, Mount Pleasant, Sacred Heart in Paris and Braemar House and Tollgate Technological Skills Centre, both in Brantford, will take part in the new School Food Garden Start-Up Program, […]

School Garden News – Florida

Cultivating Young Gardeners By Ron Matus, Times Staff Writer, Behind Lakewood Elementary in south St. Petersburg, the college student poked the dirt with her fingers, leaving a trail of tiny craters. When she gave the word, fifth-graders, snug in winter coats, plucked seeds from their palms and plopped them in. The students from Eckerd […]

School Garden News – Arizona

School’s gardening way yields national attention By Rhonda Bodfield, arizona daily star, Primary school teacher Molly Reed can cook, but she’s no Rachael Ray in the kitchen. So imagine her surprise to be flying to New York as a special guest on the cookbook queen’s daytime television show. Reed herself brought the limelight to […]

Kohlrabi – Info and Recipes

Kohlrabi was harvested recently and like other uncommon vegetables the question most asked was, what do we do with it? First, a little information; Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. Its name is derived from the German Kohl (cabbage) and Rube or Rabi (turnip) because the swollen stem looks like a turnip. The […]

Winter Harvest

After a three week winter break school gardens with watering angels (or on automatic timers) saw a spurt of growth that caused many to utter “WOW” upon their return. Pea vines were 7 ft tall and full of ripe pea pods. Bok choy that wasn’t picked before the break had bolted and flowered with stalks […]